Big Marv

Page following the life of Big Daddy Marv, the president of the Dirty Germans Car & Bike Club. He runs a crazy life as a family man that is training for boxing, establishing a business, and building a club full of misfits and hooligans that are just looking for a place in this crazy world. Follow and subscribe to stay up to date on Big Marv's hectic life!

Big Marv’s Network - Episode 17 - Interview With Zeky Ahmed

Big Marv’s Network – Episode 17 – Interview With Zeky Ahmed Hey guys, Join me as I sitdown with Zeky of CommentFunnels. Outside of helping you build a group and email list – he is dropping new software that will help you close those organic leads on autopilot! When asked what is his purpose, this is what […]


OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Changes To The Wave Makers Program

Hey guys, I’ve been saying I had some big changes coming up, just needed to get some things in order before I made the official announcement. 🙂 As of 8/3, Curtis AKA Dubblup is no longer a part of the Personal Brand Blueprint or the Wave Makers program. When we started this journey together, we never envisioned it […]


Live Funnel Review and Ad Build for Jason Bleizeffer

You guys know what time it is! Another funnel launch for one of our Wave Makers. This one is for Jason Bleizeffer who is building a full course on how to build an affiliate marketing business online. This is his lead magnet and low ticket item, this will build his database and tribe while he continues to […]


Who's Ready To Make Some Waves?

I got 4 Wave Maker spots available. Who wants one? $1k investment 6 weeks 1:1 coaching 3 months access to my inner circle I go live in there twice a week so you have continued support for your funnels and automation. I write your content, funnel, and automation strategy. My team builds your funnels, automation, […]


Let's Turn Stonecraft Media Up To 11!

I have collaborated with my boy Chris Stone over at Stonecraft Media to bring you guys this incredible animated video logo offer! Now, I’m going to build the funnel live for you guys to show Chris how easy it is to spin up a new value packed offer for your audience! Enjoy! One Love, Big Marv


Big Marv’s Network - Episode 16 - Interview With Evan Lipford

Big Marv’s Network – Episode 16 – Interview With Evan Lipford Hey guys, Join me as I sitdown with Evan of Commerce Puzzle. He offers comple DFY packages to help you create, build, and scale your brand online! When asked what is his purpose, this is what he said: “I hope to leave a legacy in […]


Lipstick That LASTS ALL DAY?! Say No More!

Hey guys, Welcome back to another live funnel review. This one is for one of our Wave Makers – Life With Meegs. Megan is building a personal brand around her love for cosmetics! In this funnel, we have already tested separate lead magnets and a low ticket offer. We found our winners and are launching a new […]


Let's review this complex funnel strategy for Jim Chester

Let’s review this complex funnel strategy for Jim Chester – we have been split testing 3 lead magnets and are now incorporating an automated webinar to the stack! My builds aren’t your typical builds. They are usually multiple funnels with many moving parts in the backend. This automation strategy is the KEY to automating and scaling your […]


Funnel/Ad Strategy For Emerald Hair & Beauty

What’s up guys! Thanks for tuning in, today I’m going to be covering one of our Wave Maker’s funnels. Her name is Abi, she’s a fantastic gal out of the UK. Her brand is Emerald Hair & Beauty. She has a passion for hair & sharing the best maintenance and hair care with the world. 🌍 We […]