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Marv is absolutely amazing. He is extremely honest with you, and will help your ads actually convert and get results. He has access to the best people in the business for funnel building, video production, almost anything you need to help build your brand and get you going in the right direction.

Kristen Bradaick
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Marv was the only person who stepped up to help me out with integrating stripe through my website and email automation system. Not having it was preventing me from so much in my business and adding a ton of unnecessary stress to my life. I'm so grateful for him! He is very patient and has a good sense of humor. Thanks Marv!

Jacqui Pugh

Big Marv helped me out when I was just starting out with Clickfunnels about 1 month back. He helped me sort out all the technical issues that come with making a funnel from scratch. The funnel is currently converting very well. Couldn't have done it without his help at the start, so thanks Marv.

Lee Cheng Xiu
Funnel hacker

Big Marv is a business partner, mentor and teacher. He's the type that only seeks to make you successful no matter what it takes. I love him for his understanding and support always. If you need his services, do not hesitate to place your order or contact him right away!

Arewa Lanre
CEO Brand Apex Media
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Simple Steps to Success

It all starts with a single first step.

There is a lot that goes into establishing and running a successful online business. To rise to the top of the file fast, you need an action plan, top-notch branding, and the right business model in place. How are you going to do that?

I can help

Work with someone who does not only talks about branding, automation, and business strategy, but also practices it.

Define your passion
You can only give your best in what you love. So, first understand what you can do best.
Build your brand
Build a brand around what you love. Master the right branding elements to use in your business
Monetize your brand
With the brand ready, begin offering valuable services. Money is a by-product of the value you give.
Build authority
Achieve brand authority by offering unique and exceptional services to your tribe.
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Mornings with Marv: Consistency

Would you want to go from making peanuts to making six figures a month from your business? It’s simple. Guess what? Top influencers, digital marketers, and anyone making it big in the business world understands the one element that defines it all. Consistency.  Have you been posting in Facebook groups, creating videos, interviews, and still not seeing money flowing in? Likely, you didn’t have

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Big Marv’s Network – Episode 17 – Interview With Zeky Ahmed

Big Marv’s Network – Episode 17 – Interview With Zeky Ahmed Hey guys, Join me as I sitdown with Zeky of CommentFunnels. Outside of helping you build a group and email list – he is dropping new software that will help you close those organic leads on autopilot! When asked what is his purpose, this is what he said: “Help people break free from the 9-5 and

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[OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT] Changes To The Wave Makers Program

Hey guys, I’ve been saying I had some big changes coming up, just needed to get some things in order before I made the official announcement. 🙂 As of 8/3, Curtis AKA Dubblup is no longer a part of the Personal Brand Blueprint or the Wave Makers program. When we started this journey together, we never envisioned it becoming my signature product but it has evolved to that.

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