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Turning your passion into a profitable career! Ya welcome.

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What We Do!

So Much More Than just funnel builders!

That’s a just the tip of the iceberg. Underneath the surface we’re building out a full automation strategy that will empower your team, make your business more efficient, and bring you quality customers!


Strategy & Automation

Through having a knack for learning new platforms quickly, we use our passion for teaching new technologies to entrepreneurs just like you! We analyze the issues, map out a solution and then test, test, test! Once we have a proper solution, we find a way to automate that solution so your dream comes to life automatically and hiccup free!

Rapidly Scale

Through our amazing ability to get you the proper strategy and campaigns on automation, you’ll be in shock at how rapid your business scales. We don’t miss around, we know how passionate your are about your goals and vision for life. That’s why we feel as though it’s crucial to get your game plan as bulletproof as possible. No matter how small, anything can be scaled to bigger picture. Our job is to make that bigger picture get to you as soon as possible!

Personal Branding

We, as humans, need connections. We need relationships. At bare minimum we want to feel connected to something. That is why Big Marv Consulting also helps you focus on a personal brand and how to get that to the perfect target audience. I’m talking about having people ask for your brand rather than you slinging your brand!

How We Work

We are a dedicated team of eager people ready to turn your passion into profitable brand! We take your ideas, your craft, your skill set, and turn them into a money making machine. Craft a life you deserve, doing the things you LOVE. We’ve done it time and time again. Stop chilling on the beach, jump in and START MAKING WAVES!

Strategy Sessions

Weekly coaching from Big Marv and Dubblup! You’ll get the best of both worlds through their coaching! You’ll get a break down of not only a strategy to take for your business, but you’ll get a break down of the numbers/results so you’ll have no doubt that its working.

Funnel builds

Our team of expert funnel builders will put that pretty bow on your present of a brand! Everything has strategy, even funnel design however, nothing wrong with a nice looking build either right? Our team will take care of ya!


That passive income though! Once we get that perfect strategy, we determine the best course of action for automation so your business can grow 24/7!!!


Who We Are

Our success depends on the strength of our team and connection to you!

Meet our Crew!

Big marv

CEO & Founder

Jessica Specter

Creative Director

Andrew Miles


Lynda Smith


We want to change
peoples lives

Our aim is to handcraft 100 millionaires. Not just any type of millionaires, but specifically helping people reach that goal through their passion.

Who We Are

A dedicated team of badass Wavemakers!

Our passion is using technology and creative expertise to build personal brands into empires!

We have a solid foundation and are damn proud of it, but we also know there will always be changeable variables that work! It’s another passion of ours to study, test, and formulate solutions specifically to your goals.

How We Serve You!

I’m talking pinpointing exactly what you need.

Our expert team is more than capable of setting you up to make WAVES!

We love creating through technology and utilizing it to the best of your goals/business needs. Check out our amazing services below.


Our professional designers will have your site looking sharp! Check out ways we can help your tech game!

  • Responsive design
  • Template development
  • Rich media banners
  • Frontend development
  • Backend development
  • Content creation
  • Content audit
  • Copywriting
  • Photography

Big Marv and Dubblup are killers in the internet marketing game! Below is just a taste of what they can help you with!

  • Facebook advertising
  • SEO and SEM
  • Facebook apps
  • Context advertising
  • Rich media banners
  • Game development
  • Content creation
  • Testing

Digital Production is too damn important for how often it gets overlooked when building out a strategy. Don’t worry, we got you covered on that as well!

  • Rich media banners
  • Audio production
  • Photography
  • Design
  • Content creation
  • Content audit
  • Project management
  • Technical requirements
  • Testing

Oh snap! Did I already tell you about our killer developers? They are fully committed to making sure your digital space never glitches! You ready to make WAVES!?

  • Facebook apps
  • Brand immersion & research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Content audit
  • Project/platform planning
  • Technical requirements
  • Testing
We Are DesignersWe Are ProgrammersWe Are CodersWe Are DevelopersWe Are Creative

Clean and correct, but correct above all else.

Our Work

Some Recent Projects

Talk is cheap right? Well take a look below and see for yourself how people have already started making tidal waves through the Wavemakers Experience. I’m telling ya, you’re not going to want to miss out.

Our Process

We Make Our Customers Happy

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Our Numbers

Some of The Cool Facts About Us


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Our Skills

Our Main Skills

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